Frequently asked questions

What is the current supported layer?

See documentation Welcome page :)

I don't understand how to use a specific method, what should I give as argument(s) to the method?

Sadly, this kind of questions is for Telegram support, but for X reasons, they stopped public documentation. I don't have the time (or the will) to do their job, so I'll try to post a few samples, and hope that people using the lib will add more by sending them by mail, or opening a ticket on github.

Does Kotlogram support multiple account on the same instance?

Yes, you can create as many TelegramClient (or MTProtoHandler) as you want. Why? Because Kotlogram is using java nio's SocketChannel and Selector for the network, it should allow the library to scale (only 1 thread will be used to listen to all the connections).

How can I receive new messages automatically?

Just pass an UpdateCallback to your TelegramClient (or ApiCallback to your MTProtoHandler) (via constructor), and implement the methods.

Can I build a jar from the lib?

Yes, just run fatJar task, it'll generate a jar for each module :)

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