The package com.github.badoualy.telegram.mtproto.auth contains classes needed to do all the work to create a new authorization key following Telegram's documentation specifications.

To create a new authorization key, you can just call:

DataCenter prodDC4 = new DataCenter("", 443);
AuthResult authResult = AuthKeyCreation.createAuthKey(prodDC4);

// AuthResult contains the active connection, close it if you're not using it :)
if (authResult != null)

Here is the list of production datacenters:

DataCenter prodDC1 = new DataCenter("", 443);
DataCenter prodDC2 = new DataCenter("", 443);
DataCenter prodDC3 = new DataCenter("", 443);
DataCenter prodDC4 = new DataCenter("", 443);
DataCenter prodDC5 = new DataCenter("", 443);


Api module

If you're using the whole library, don't hardcode those values, they're already present in the Kotlogram class. See the module's documentation for more details.

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