Easy to use and straightforward Kotlin (and Java) binding of Telegram API

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What is Kotlogram?

Easy to use and straightforward Kotlin (and Java) binding of Telegram API. The project is coded in Kotlin, with some classes (mostly generated and legacy classes) in Java.

Kotlin, what is that, I don't know this language!
Don't worry, Kotlin is a JVM language just like Java and Scala, and is interoperable with Java! You can use this as a standard Java Library


Check latest version on JitPack

I may not have released a new version in a while, it doesn't mean that the library development has stopped.

  • Use the latest commit hash as a version number (you can check on jitpack at any time
  • Open a ticket and ask the latest stable commit hash


This is not a Telegram API documentation

This documentation's only purpose is to explain how the library works, and how to use it. Telegram documentation is sadly completely outdated and not of any use. Probably at some point in the future they'll either close the public API, or release new documentation (I'm hoping for the latter).
But this documentation will not explain how to use their API like how to get messages older than the date X or all the parameters of a rpc method.
Please, restrain from opening ticket about questions on the API, as I'll ignore them if I don't have the answer.



The project is still in beta, a lot is yet to be done. It comes with absolutely no warranty! Main tasks left:

Getting started:

First, add JitPack to your project if that's not already the case, in your build.gradle:

repositories {
    // ...
    maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }

Then add the library dependency:

compile 'com.github.badoualy:kotlogram:47f69d4ce8'